I'm often too lazy to finish anything, but I still want draw an idea and show it to others. This page is for doodles, wips and other stuff I'm not sure how to categorize.

Order from newest to oldest. Please click the images to see bigger versions!

Dec. 2023 | Tweek was in the new special episode! He really loves Cred...

Sep. 2023 | Super Craig x Wonder Tweek (for Japanese market).

Sep. 2023 | A redraw of 2005 anime "Karin" opening.

Sep. 2023 | Creek sleepover.

Sep. 2023 | Underground idol Tweek and his biggest fan.

Sep. 2023 | Based on my own high school years... Unfortunately.

Sep. 2023 | Just a Creek dynamic idea.

Sep. 2023 | Snow Day.

Jun. 2023 | I was watching this 2008 anime "Penguin Musume Heart" which had many silly 2000's otaku tropes, so I wanted to draw Tweek in this.

May. 2023 | I heard about "WaterTok", and was very confused.

May. 2023 | A parody of "American Beauty".

May. 2023 | Tweek orders his imp costume from Ali Express + some other cute outfit.

May. 2023 | After Super Craig praises New Kid's storm attack in The Fractured But Whole.

Mar. 2023 | In the console war episodes it's implied that Tweek is part of the book club and he has lots of books in his room, yet Craig keeps explaining all these films based on classic novels to him.

Mar. 2023 | People often are debating over "canon Tweek vs. fanon Tweek", but this is the truth.

Mar. 2023 | Craig is obsessed with a kids' show Red Racer and goes to an event to see the main actor, Tweek.

Mar. 2023 | Craig has a 2D complex and is obsessed with a guine pig alien vtuber, not realizing it's his friend Tweek.

Mar. 2023 | I think Craig in The Stick of Truth acts a little "chuunibyou". But then he has matured due to his relationship with Tweek (I guess!) and he cringes at his past self in The Fractured But Whole. That was funny.

Mar. 2023 | AU where Craig and Tweek are incarnations of ancient deities: Craig being an Incan god (because of Pandemic I & II) and Tweek being the god of sea people.




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