I've always been attracted to beautiful female characters and enjoy drawing them. I especially like drawing moms and Tweek as a girl... So this page is mostly for that kind of stuff.

Order from newest to oldest.

Sep. 2023 | Fem Tweek and boy Craig. Tweek is dressed in "jirai-kei" fashion. I think she would be that type of person...

May. 2023 | Genderbend Tweek, Craig, Stan and Kenny.

Jul. 2022 | This is one of the first works I made back when I started practicing drawing again. It's Tweek's mom. The color palette and hair look ugly to me now, but I like how her body turned out although I'd make her meatier now.

Jul. 2022 | Another older piece of Mrs. Tweak. She's a cow (don't ask why). After a decade of not drawing, I didn't know how to shade or use an art software so I wasn't aware of this magic trick called "stabilization". That's why the lineart is so jagged. Thanks to Youtube, it's easy to find free tutorials these days.




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