This is a page for my "friendly married man next door" series, which a collection of the ultimate milf Post Covid Tweek in different kind of situations in his daily life. If you have any ideas you'd like to see him doing, please leave requests in the guestbook!

Order from newest to oldest.

Jan. 2024 | This virgin middle-aged late bloomer wants to experience romance for the first time, so he paid an escort.

Dec. 2023 | I read and watched Good Omens and it was SO GOOD! Here's Tweek cosplaying as cutie patootie Aziraphale.

Dec. 2023 | Request was: "Tweek in too tight lingerie waiting for his husband".

Dec. 2023 | You're sick and the friendly married man next door prepares you tasty porridge.

Nov. 2023 | You know what time it is...

Oct. 2023 | Happy Halloween!

Oct. 2023 | The more I draw him, the bigger his ass gets...

Sep. 2023 | This total stranger college student started molesting him on his way to work. Although he was shocked at first, he couldn't help but be flattered that this guy had such interest in his middle-aged body.

Sep. 2023 | Sauna.

Sep. 2023 | Trying out new costumes.

Sep. 2023 | Working.

Sep. 2023 | Preparing for Halloween.

Sep. 2023 | Spending the Friday night with the friendly married man next door.

Jul. 2023 | Giving you more well-deserved headpats.

Jul. 2023 | Friendly married man next door and his husband.

Jul. 2023 | Teaching you to bake sweets.

Jul. 2023 | Camping.

Jul. 2023 | You thought you'd spend the whole summer indoors, but suddenly the friendly married man next door asked you go camping with him.

Jul. 2023 | It's a hot day and you are in the same elevator.

Jul. 2023 | Reaching to give you headpats after you had a hard day.

Jul. 2023 | The friendly married man next door, original doodle.




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