Here is a collection of my South Park fanfics. I enjoy reading and writing smut fiction and sometimes also dark themes, so keep that in mind.

The warning icons are by Fool Lovers.


Manic Pixie Dream Boy

Fandom: South Park

Pairing: Craig Tucker/Tweek Tweak, one-sided Craig Tucker/Tolkien Black

Rating: R-18

Genre: Gay, AU, romance, drama

Warnings: N/A

Chapters: 7/7

Summary: 18-year-old Craig Tucker is gay and virgin. To move on from his unrequited crush on his straight friend, he tries to find someone to lose his virginity with. What will happen once he matches with a very unique boy named Tweek on a dating app?

Date: Apr. 2019

Bad End Box

Fandom: South Park

Pairing: Mob/Tweek Tweak, Craig Tucker/Tweek Tweak

Rating: R-18

Genre: Gay, dark, smut, NTR

Warnings: Rape, bad end, underage/age gap, violence, cuckolding/NTR, mindbreak, drugs, pet play, omorashi/pee, grooming, gangbang, blackmail

Chapters: 9/9

Summary: While Craig is occupied by his Buddha Box, Tweek gets assaulted by a customer - changing his life forever.

Date: Jul. 2019

The Diary of a Tutornon

Fandom: South Park

Pairing: Mob/Tweek Tweak

Rating: R-18

Genre: Gay (shota), dark, POV

Warnings: Rape themes, shotacon/underage, grooming, voyeurism

Chapters: 1/1

Summary: Tweek gets a home tutor for a week. His Tutornon keeps a diary.

Date: Aug. 2021

The Night of Living Seamen

Fandom: South Park

Pairing: Brine shrimp/Tweek Tweak

Rating: R-18

Genre: Monster, smut

Warnings: Rape, beastiality (bugs & insects), impregnation, mpreg, oviposition, egg laying

Chapters: 1/1

Summary: Tweek gets microsized by the gnomes, and one of the sea people rapes and impregnates him.

Date: Oct. 2021


One Won't Leave the Cuckoo's Nest

Fandom: South Park

Pairing: Thomas Tucker/Tweek Tweak, Craig Tucker/Tweek Tweak, Stan Marsh/Tweek Tweak

Rating: R-18

Genre: Het, smut, drama, NTR

Warnings: Age gap, genderbend (fem Tweek), cuckolding/NTR

Chapters: 1/?

Summary: After Craig leaves South Park for college, Tweek is struggling with loneliness in their long distance relationship. However, she finds comfort from Craig's divorced father.

Date: Feb. 2022




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