Bad End Box

Fandom: South Park

Pairing: Mob/Tweek Tweak, Craig Tucker/Tweek Tweak

Rating: R-18

Genre: Gay, dark, smut, NTR

Warnings: Rape, bad end, underage/age gap, violence, cuckolding/NTR, mindbreak, drugs, pet play, omorashi/pee, grooming, gangbang, blackmail

Chapters: 9/9

Summary: While Craig is occupied by his Buddha Box, Tweek gets assaulted by a customer - changing his life forever.

I published this story originally as a smutty one-shot back in 2019. I got the idea from season 22 episode 8, Buddha Box. I had other ideas for it though so I turned into a longer story. I published it anonymously on AO3, because I had recently published a very sweet and vanilla fic, Manic Pixie Dream Boy. Some people enjoyed that story, and wanted to read more of my stories, so I was afraid of disappointing them with an obscene story like this. But eventually, this one ended up being my most read story... It also has a somewhat controversial reputation, but I never wrote it for that reason. My coombrain just wanted more NTR and mob stuff in Creek, so I had to create such content by myself.

Please note that this story contains rape, sex between a minor and older men and other disturbing themes. Do not read it if you're under 18 years old or can't deal with such themes! It's a fictional story and not based on real people or events.

Chapter 1/9

Tweek Tweak didn’t like using his phone that much. It’s not like he didn’t understand phone addiction – he used to be on his phone all the time, getting lost in all the catastrophic news and conspiracy theories around the world. After the Twitter fight between the president and North Korea that almost gave him a heart attack, he chose to put down his phone and focus on what matters: his boyfriend, Craig Tucker, who had helped him to get rid of his addiction.

That was until the said boyfriend became a phone addict himself. For some reason Craig had thought that Eric Cartman’s “Buddha Box” was a good idea, and so he shut himself from the rest of the world with a huge cardboard box on his head. Tweek heard it’s because of Craig’s anxiety, which he hadn’t been aware of before. Had Tweek been so selfish that he didn’t realize his boyfriend’s needs? Craig was always trying to make him feel better, but maybe he wanted to take a break every once in a while?

So, Tweek didn’t try to make Craig stop wearing that box. He just wanted to help Craig, but he felt as if they were drifting apart day by day. Tweek didn’t remember the last time they had a proper discussion, but he grieved for those times. At least Craig was hanging out with him at the coffeehouse, even if he was still just on his phone, not giving Tweek any attention at all.

Tweek sighed and looked at the snowmen cupcakes he had personally designed and baked for the coffeehouse. Ever since those boxes became a thing, the number of customers had decreased. Tweek tried his best to improve the sales, so he had started designing cute pastries to sell with coffee. His secret dream was to be an actor, but Craig had made him realize that he’s good at baking too. And it distracted him from the fact that Craig’s behavior was making his heart ache.

“I wonder if I should give these guy hats or not?” he asked, though he was mostly talking to himself. It’s not like Craig was going to reply anyway. There wasn’t much to do, since he had cleaned out the place several times and organized the shelves for the second time that day.

Then, he heard someone coming in.

“Hello, welcome to the Tweek Bros.!” he greeted the customer. It was a man he hadn’t seen before. He was dressed in plain clothing and had stubble beard, and Tweek guessed that he was probably 30-something years old. Tweek could tell, because this man wasn’t wearing a box on his head like all the other customers had been doing lately. “What can I get for you?”

“Special blend, please,” the man said politely. He had rather deep voice. “I’m drinking it here, thank you.”

“Got it!” Tweek said and started preparing the drink immediately. The man sat beside Craig, staring at the box on his head, but didn’t say anything.

“Here you go,” Tweek said when he was finished. He handed over a cup of their special blend and smiled the way his father had taught him to smile to customers.

“Tweek,” the man said, sipping his drink and looking at Tweek intensely.

“Huh?” Tweek asked in confusion.

”It's your name, right? It’s written on the tag,” he said, pointing at Tweek’s name tag.” “This place is named after you?”

”Oh! Y-yeah, you're right! Hahaha.” Jesus Christ, he was so awkward. It was alright when someone was just making their order and he had to follow the certain routine, for those situations he had created “a service role” with the help of Craig. Small talk was still a little bit too much pressure, though lately majority of the customers didn't talk much anyway.

Not to mention that the coffeeshop wasn’t named after him, but he was named after it. Because apparently his parents cared about him so little that they didn’t even bother coming up with an actual name for him, so basically his first name was the same as his last name.

The man glanced at the box wearing boy next to him again.

”What's up with that?” he asked with a snort. Tweek tried to keep smiling, but probably failed miserably.

”Umm... he's a bit busy now. He's fine,” he replied. No, he wasn't sure whether Craig was fine or not. It's not like he had actually talked about those things with Tweek. To be completely honest, things between them didn't seem to be fine at all at the moment.

”Those boxes are the dumbest thing I've seen for a while. Imagine trying to have a meeting at work, when half of your coworkers are in their own little worlds,” the man complained with a mocking tone.

”That must be very bothersome.” Tweek wanted to be as neutral as possible, but still show some empathy towards this customer.

”That's your boyfriend, Craig Tucker. Right?” he was asked, which made him choke.

”W-what?! How do you know about that?!” he shrieked, and the man laughed.

”Hey, calm down. I just remember this town going crazy over you two. Even my mother bought some of those drawings,” the customer explained, and Tweek cringed. He and Craig started dating because some girls at their school suddenly started drawing homoerotic images of them. While he was happy that he had Craig in his life now, the whole deal with the yaoi art was awfully embarrassing.

”Ah... I'd rather forget about that,” he said, scratching his neck.

”Oh? So, you two are just friends these days?” the man asked curiously. Why was he so interested in their relationship?

”N-no, we are...,” Tweek started, made a short pause, and then continued, ”Craig is my boyfriend.” He made a warm smile, a genuine one. It still felt so good to say that. To think that there was someone who made him feel loved and safe, who cared about his well-being.

Or, at least, until those damn Buddha Boxes. Now he felt as if he had done something wrong, that Craig hated him but didn't dare to say anything. Right now, Tweek felt just hurt and confused. He tried his best to be understanding, just like how Craig had been understanding with him many times. He wasn't sure what was the deal with Craig's anxiety, but he didn't try to push the topic too hard to make it worse. He wasn’t sure what he would do if Craig rejected him. It felt like Craig had been pissed off at him lately, and the thought of being disliked by Craig made Tweek’s stomach turn.

”Hey, is it okay we chat a little longer? You don’t seem to be too busy right now,” the man asked, and Tweek was taken aback a little. But he was feeling a little bit lonely lately, and this customer was being so nice to him. “You know, get yourself a drink and sit down with me. It’s on me if it’s a problem.”

“O-of course!” Tweek chirped and prepared his own favorite blend for himself. He shot a worried glance at Craig, sighed and sat down with his customer.

This kind of thing is just service, right? I need to become a proper barista.

“So, Tweek, what else do you do than work here?” the man asked and took a sip of his drink.

“I’m in high school,” Tweek replied, hoping he wasn’t going to be asked too many personal questions. He used to be very paranoid with strangers, especially when he was almost kidnapped by a molester as a child, and he still wasn’t completely over it.

“Oh, you’re still so young. What do you want to do after that?” the man kept asking questions, and Tweek looked down.

“It’s… It’s embarrassing,” he said shyly. His dream to become an actor was rather silly and he wasn’t sure whether it was a good idea to talk about it than anyone else than Craig.

“Come on,” the man said, grazing his fingers over Tweek’s hand. Tweek jolted and pulled his hand away, as the gesture made him feel a little bit weird.

“I-I want to be an actor,” he replied quickly and placed his hands on his lap.

“What kind of actor?”

“A-ah, I don’t know yet? I’m not sure if I can do it, though,” Tweek said, though he felt good that this customer seemed to find his dream interesting rather than amusing.

“Sure you can, since you’re quite attractive,” the man assured, and continued, “if you were a little taller, you could be a model.”

“Um… Thank you,” Tweek said dumbfoundedly. Their discussion was interrupted when another customer stepped in.

”Sorry, I have to take this,” he apologized and stood up. It was another Buddha Box wearing customer, who he assumed to be a woman.

”Of course, Tweek,” the man said with a smile, which Tweek responded to with his own before hurrying towards the counter. He took a deep breath, and then prepared to start his usual lines.

”Hello, welcome to the Tweek Bros! How can I-”

”Two special blends. Take away, please,” The lady said bluntly, clearly not interested in what Tweek was going to say.

”Coming!” Tweek chirped with his cheery customer service voice, trying not to take it personally. This was the role he was used to. Not that it mattered, as the lady didn't pay much attention him beneath her Buddha Box. But he felt more courageous after doing so well with the kind man, so he wanted to do a little extra. ”Ma'am?” he asked, but received no reaction. ”Ma'am!” he repeated, now knocking on the box. He hoped it wasn't too rude, but he was pretty pissed off at customers like this.

”Yeah?” the lady asked. Why was she so pissed off?

”Did you...” Deep breath. ”Did you want sugar or milk with these? Or maybe these snowman cupcakes? They're fresh!” he said a bit proudly. He hoped that one day once he was the owner of this place, it could be a cute European style café with cakes and other desserts. And he'd take care of it together with Craig—

”I didn't ask any of those? I'll use Apple Pay,” the lady said, breaking Tweek's fantasies. She sounded irritated, as if Tweek had done something to insult her. This made Tweek both annoyed and anxious, since he was still afraid of being rejected.

”R-right, I apologize. It's $12,00, thank you,” he said as politely as possible. The customer paid her order and rushed off. Tweek sighed, gathered himself for a few minutes and then went back to his previous, nice customer. As expected, Craig was still in his own world. If it wasn’t for that box, he probably would have told that lady to fuck off, which he totally shouldn’t be doing but which kind of would make Tweek feel better.

”Wow, what a bitch. I guess you also have to deal with some shit at work?” the man asked. Yes, Tweek wanted to say, but it wouldn’t be very professional. For now, he was fine with just getting validation from someone.

”I... I do like this job,” he decided to say, as he didn't want to badmouth the customers no matter how rude they were.

”Hey, can I have one of those cupcakes?” the man asked, which immediately made Tweek feel better.

”Sure!” he said, rushing back to the counter. He picked the cupcake he thought was best looking, since he wanted to impress his customer. Since he got that drink from the man earlier, he decided not to charge him. The man took a bite of the snowman cupcake and Tweek studied him with hopeful look on his face.

”Did you bake these?” the man asked, not sounding displeased. “It’s very good.”

”Yes, I made the design, too!” Tweek said with a relief. He loved being told he did something well.

”Really? It's very cute. Just like you.”

”Umm... Thank you?” Tweek felt a bit confused. Was this man flirting with him? Such occasion was quite rare, he didn't really think he was very good-looking like Craig or Token were, and he didn't have the same gentle charisma as his father did when he was working. Being called cute by this stranger made him a bit uncomfortable, as he wasn't sure if he was just being picked on. Not to mention this man was clearly older than him, so he wouldn’t be interested in Tweek, right? It’s not like Tweek considered himself a child anymore, but he wasn’t familiar with flirting since Craig was his first partner.

Tweek was probably staring at Craig, since the man was looking at him as well.

”Kids with their phones these days, man. I don't really understand it. There are so many good things you can experience only in real life. It's such a waste!” he said, shaking his head.

”A-and what are such things, sir?” Tweek asked. This type of customers seemed to be happy when someone was interested in them, and he was happy to have a real conversation with another human being.

”Hmm... Things like sex,” the guy said bluntly, and Tweek almost choke on his coffee. That wasn't the answer he was expecting. The man laughed. ”Like, us guys are supposed to want it, you know? Yet so many men these days just waste their time jerking it to a screen. I can assure you, that is nothing compared to the real deal.”

”I-I see,” Tweek said quietly. This topic of their conversation didn't make him feel very comfortable. He wanted to change the topic without being too rude about it, as he thought the line of appropriate behavior had been crossed. It’s not like he wasn’t interested in sexual topics, he was actually very interested in those things, but he wasn’t sure if Craig felt the same way about him.

He wasn’t sure whether he was getting sick, but for some reason he started feeling hot and flushed, and the region around his abdomen was tingling.

“You seem to be a bit flushed, are you alright?” the man asked with a worried look, stood up and walked over Tweek. He put his hand on Tweek’s forehead, which was a little bit sweaty.

“Y-yes, I’m okay, please don’t worry,” Tweek said, pushing the hand away. But that was a lie, he definitely wasn’t okay. It didn’t feel like fewer though, it was almost like… Arousal. He crossed his leg in horror as he felt the beginning of an erection growing in his pants, and he tried to hide it with his hands.

“You need to take a piss or something?” the man asked, and Tweek was sure there was a smug tone in his voice. He nodded his head without saying anything and stood up, but suddenly the man grabbed his waist and pulled him close. Tweek, who was surprised by this action, wanted him to get off of him, but his condition was making him so weak. His head was buzzing, and he wasn’t sure what was happening.

“Um, sir? I don’t really like this,” he stuttered, finding it hard to breath. Hands were caressing his belly, which was scaring him. There was no way this was happening, it was broad daylight, they were in public place, Craig was there… Craig, why wasn’t Craig helping him?

“Come on, let’s have some fun,” the man murmured and started palming the growing bulge in Tweek’s pants. “You’re getting hard, aren’t you?”

“H-hey, hands off!” Tweek demanded more fiercely, feeling panic rising inside him. Did he get some kind of misleading signals? Did the man misunderstand?

”You're enjoying this, aren't you?” The man whispered in his ear. Tweek shook his head, even though he was grinding his hips against the palm that was softly touching his growing hard-on. He needed some kind of friction, a relief. Why was he being this disgusting?!

”I-I'm... I'm not... Pl... Ugh... Please stop...,” he begged as tears started coming up in his eyes. He didn’t know what to do, he was absolutely stagnant.

”Tweek is such a pervert. I love it,” the man said cheerily and pressed his own bulge against Tweek’s butt.

”Th-that's not true...! Let me go, you fucking creep!” Tweek cried, trying to squirm away. He felt a pair of lips against the nape of his neck and tried to ignore the throb inside his pants. ”Stop, I don't... I don't want this...!”

”Fine, fine. I'll stop. It's no fun if you you're like that,” the man said, and to Tweek’s surprise, he let him go. He was… He was not going to get raped. He could call the police. But why was he so dissatisfied? ”You sure about that, though? Looks like this still needs some attention...,” the man said as he slightly grazed his fingers over Tweek’s bulge. Tweek knew that by now he was rock hard, and while he should have focused on getting safe, that wasn’t his priority right now after all.

”Uh... Pl-please...,” he managed to whisper in shame.

”What is it? You want me to continue?” the man asked with a smirk. Tweek said nothing, and just looked down. “I'll take that as a yes,” the man said, walked to the door and locked it. “Now no one will bother us. Your loser boyfriend can just stay there,” he snorted. Tweek wanted to protest, Craig didn’t need to be here, no, Tweek wasn’t supposed to be doing this kind of thing in the first place!

He leaned against the table as hands started caressing, groping and petting him again. When he felt his ass being grabbed, he tried not to shriek. He bit down hard to be as quiet as possible.

”Have you seen them? The pictures of you?” the man asked while kissing his blond hair.

”They're not me, they're just stupid drawings! I-I don't look at them!” Tweek defended himself angrily.

”Hmm, that's too bad. Some of them are really good, you know? Especially the very raunchy ones... Though I must say, I prefer the real Tweek's turned on face.”

”I'm- I'm not turned on... ,” Tweek tried to deny it, though it was a lie. Fingers were playing with the waistband of his pants, and they were going lower and lower, reaching his hard-on. ”Ngh...!”

”Yes you are. I slipped something nice in your coffee earlier, when you were serving that bitch. Looks like it's starting to have some effect on you.” Tweek was horrified. Did this creep drug him? Is that why he was becoming like this?

”What did you do?!” he screamed, trying to break free. Craig was still completely unaware of everything, almost like he was dead.

”Don't worry, it's nothing dangerous. Not as dangerous as the shit this place is doing with its special blend,” the man said. Tweek didn't understand it. Their special blend wasn't dangerous, even though he disliked taste testing it. It made him feel weird and sick, probably because it was too strong even for him. ”Just helps you to relax a bit. You want to be relaxed, right? You don't need to wear that stupid fucking box for that.”

”I'm reporting you to the police! You're not getting away with this!” Tweek threatened the man, but he knew it was pointless when he was thrusting against the man’s hand so eagerly.

”Yeah, go ahead. You think those incompetent bastards of this town care? You know, I'm involved in the same business as your parents,” the main said, and Tweek was confused now.

”M-my parents...?”

”It's okay, Tweek. One day you will know,” the man explained, and continued, ”let's just say that if this comes out in public, your father's coffee business won't last so long. I wonder what might happen to you after that?” he asked, and the memories of being sold to slavery enriched Tweek’s mind. He felt the man petting his hair affectionatey. ”Don't worry, I can be your new daddy if you get abandoned.”

There was something bad going on with his parents, this is what Tweek understood of the situation. Something Tweek knew that could hurt them, him, and maybe even Craig. Blackmail, he was getting blackmailed. Suddenly he was being pushed on his knees, in front of the man’s groin.

“Get my dick out,” he was commanded, which made his eyes widen in horror.

“No!” he refused, but he was afraid to get away. He had an idea what was going to happen here, and he didn’t want it to happen.

“You better cooperate, bitch. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to your parents, or even Craig,” the man threatened, clearly understanding Tweek’s priorities. Maybe he could deal with getting in trouble himself, but he could never forgive himself if something bad happened to Craig.

With shaking hands, he unzipped the man’s pants and pulled them down. The boxers underneath had stains on them, and when he finally pulled them down, he saw an erection. It was slightly bigger than average, definitely bigger than his own, and it was forming pre-cum. The smell was repulsive, it wasn’t supposed to smell like this. This was the first time Tweek saw someone else’s dick up close, and he squeezed his own thighs together.

“Ngh, it smells…”

“Stop whining, that’s a real dick’s smell. Soon you’ll be craving for it,” the man laughed and placed his hand on Tweek’s head. “You’ve already got me this hard, how about you taste it?” he suggested, and when Tweek shook his head, he grabbed the blond locks and pulled violently. “Start sucking my cock, you fucking dumbass.”

With a sniff, Tweek gave the penis a few careful licks. Then he opened his mouth and took the tip of cock in, grimacing at the taste. It tasted salty, and he tried to get used to the taste as quick as possible by swirling his tongue around the length.

Gross. Gross. Gross.

”You look so erotic when you have my dick in your mouth, Tweek. I should film this,” the main said, grabbing his phone. Tweek immediately let go of the dick and watched the man in horror.

”J-Jesus, d-don't! Don't film this, please...,” he begged in desperation. He had thought this couldn’t get any worse.

“You want to be an actor, right? You can become one right now,” the main said and started recording. ”Aaand- it's on! Hey everyone, it's the cute little Tweek Tweak of Tweek Bros! We're about to do some erotic things. And here right next to us is his boyfriend, Craig Tucker. Mr. Tucker, do you have any comments on this matter?” the man asked the box wearing boy, who said nothing. Was this a live stream? Should Tweek beg for help? Why was he getting more turned on? ”I'm sorry, he is pretty occupied now, hah hah.”

Knowing he had no choice, Tweek continued sucking off the cock in front of him. He didn’t want to look up, he wasn’t even sure if the camera was actually recording him or if the man was messing with him, but he didn’t want to recognize his humiliation any further.

”Your mouth feels so good, Tweek. I'm teaching you what you should do you can use it on him,” the main said and pushed his girth deeper in Tweek’s mouth, receiving a gag. Tweek tried his best to pretend that this wasn’t some disgusting rapist, this was Craig, he was pleasing his boyfriend. Would Craig like it if Tweek’s tongue was swirling around his cock like this? “That’s right, get it nice and wet. Don’t be afraid to use to your tongue. What a good boy you are,” the man praised him, which made him feel a jolt. He wasn’t feeling satisfied because he was called that by this creep, he wasn’t.

“Haah…!” he took a breath and finally looked up. There was so much saliva in his mouth. He closed his eyes and wrapped his lips around the shaft again, trying to resist the urge of palming his own erection while doing this.

”I'll wear condom later when I fuck you, so I'll cum in your mouth now, okay? I haven't had time to do it for a while, so there might be a lot,” the man warned and firmly grabbed Tweek’s head. Tweek couldn’t get away now, and he tried to scream when he realized what was going to happen. “Shit—I’m cumming in Tweek Tweak’s mouth!” the man moaned, and next Tweek felt semen flowing inside his mouth. There was so much of it, and it made his groin twitch again, he was the one who was making another man become like this.

”Mmh...!!” he moaned when the man pulled off, streak of cum following the tip. There was still cum in Tweek’s mouth, and he was panting.

”Don't let it spill out! I want to see my load in your mouth,” the man said, and for some reason, Tweek obeyed. He looked at the man shyly, not sure what he was supposed to do. ”Yeah, open your mouth, baby,” the man encouraged, and carefully Tweek parted his lips to let the man see. ”Good boy. Very nice. God, what a sexy view,” the man praised him and grabbed his chin, bringing the camera closer to his face.


“Okay, you can swallow it now,” the man urged and pressed Tweek’s jaws together. Surprised, Tweek felt a bit of panic and swallowed the semen. It had very strong odor and it was slimy, and his eyes started watering again.

“Guh—” he gasped for air when he got a chance. Some of the cum was making a mess on his face, and he immediately wiped it off. “Gross…”

“Strip,” the man commanded, and Tweek shook his head. He shrieked when the man violently pulled him up and started undoing the buttons on his shirt. He looked threatening again, like he was ready to hurt Tweek if he didn’t obey. “You’ll do what I say, okay?”

”C-Craig! Craig, help me, please!” Tweek was screaming now, but the man covered his mouth with his hand. He was being held like that for a while til his breathing calmed down.

”Your boyfriend doesn't seem to be listening. What a shame, he has such a cute and erotic boyfriend. What could be so interesting on that phone, anyway?” the man asked mockingly and now turned to Craig. ”Hey, Craig, it's okay if I play with your darling a little more, right?” Silence. Tweek's chest hurt. ”He seems to be okay with it. Or maybe he just doesn’t care about you.”

“That’s not true!” Craig cared about him. Because… Because if Craig didn’t care, who did care about Tweek?

“Really? But did you consider the possibility that he’s wearing that box because of you?” the man asked, and that was Tweek’s limit.

Craig hated him. Craig wanted to get rid of him. Craig thought he was a bother, if Tweek wasn’t so annoying Craig wouldn’t be wearing that box in the first place.

The flow of bad thoughts started taking over his mind, and the familiar feeling of anxiety was creeping over him. He pulled his hair as he tried to fight back the tears. Suddenly he was pulled into an embrace.

“Poor thing. Come here,” the man said while petting Tweek’s hair. It almost felt comforting, like someone was accepting him. Then, the man put sneaked his fingers inside Tweek’s boxers, giving his erection a few soft strokes. “I can give you lots of love and attention, like you deserve,” he whispered, capturing Tweek’s lips with his own. It wasn’t Tweek’s first, as they had shared a few soft kisses with Craig before, but it was his first time experiencing such a deep, passionate and adult kiss.

”Mmhn... Ahn...,” he moaned when the man’s tongue was exploring his mouth while his penis was being pleasured. It was scary, but his body wasn’t fighting back anymore.

“Take off your clothes, okay? I promise I won’t hurt you,” the man said in soothing voice when they broke apart. Tweek felt his entire body burning. Then, he nodded quietly and started stripping slowly. He didn’t catch the man smirking in victory.

“Leave your socks and shoes on and sit on that table,” the man commanded, pointing one of the customer tables. He stared in hunger when Tweek pulled down his boxers, revealing his hard and aching dick. The tip was wet from pre-cum, and it created a small puddle on the table when he sat on top of it. “Spread your legs apart”, was the next orde, and Tweek took a deep breath. He was so dirty, so messed up. Shyly he lifted up his legs, spreading them apart. Wearing nothing else than his socks and sneakers, he was now offering the man a full view of himself, something he had never done with Craig. The man nodded in appreciation and walked next to him, admiring the view. “Fuck yeah, that’s hot. And look at your dick, it’s fucking gushing.”

“Th-this is embarrassing…!” Tweek cried, but his dick ached to be touched.

Please love me. Please accept me.

“Touch it a little, I know you want to,” the man ordered, and Tweek grabbed his dick, giving it shy strokes. He watched in horror as the man in front of him was staring at him intensely while jacking his own half-limp penis, yet he also felt a little bit turned on. This guy was a pervert, a complete degenerate, and Tweek was filthy for getting pleasure from being watched like this. “Mnh, yeah, baby. You look like you’re starting to enjoy this,” the man said in awe and gave Tweek’s penis a few strokes. Tweek hated how his body was betraying him, but he couldn’t help but thrust against the friction. When the pace of strokes suddenly got faster, he couldn’t stop the wails of pleasure that were escaping from his mouth. When he noticed the phone camera in front of his face, he tried to hide behind his arm.

”Your face and voice are too sexy. I'm getting hard again,” the man said, grabbed Tweek’s hips and turned him around. Tweek was forced to bend over the table he had just pleasured himself on. “Let’s get this ready too,” he was told as he felt something very tiny being inserted inside his ass. He wasn’t sure, but he was pretty sure it was some kind of pill.

“W-what?” he shrieked in panic, unable to move. The man’s other hand was petting his hair and back affectionately while the other one was teasing his anus. He looked behind and saw his rapist taking out a bottle of lube and coating his fingers with it.

“Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous. It’s going to make you feel amazing,” the man assured while his lubed finger was caressing Tweek’s entrance. “Surely you’ve had worse stuff than this.”

When a finger entered him, he tried to suppress his moaning. He wasn’t sure what was put inside him earlier, but he felt his ass getting more and more sensitive to touch. He had fingered himself before, but it never felt like this. He knew that he shouldn’t want this, but his body was craving to be entered. The stimulation of the two drugs was getting too much, and his dick was leaking more pre-cum.

”Have you done it with Craig yet, Tweek?” the man asked him.

”N-no...,” he said, hating how needy his voice sounded.

”Do you want to do it with him?”


”Bet you do. You have masturbated while thinking about it, right?” Yes. Yes, he had. He had done it many times when he went to bed, thinking about Craig touching him, kissing him, making love to him. Craig didn't seem to be interested in more than just holding hands and occasionally kissing him, so Tweek tried his best to hide these desires. What if Craig thought he's disgusting for wanting those things?

”It's okay to show your perverted self now, Tweek. It's very cute. You are so cute.”

”Mhn... I'm- I'm cute...?” Tweek hated himself for it, but he loved being praised and pampered. His parents never listened to his worries, and they never coddled him. The first time someone told him he's valid was when Craig gave him encouraging words. It was probably already back then he was starting to fall for Craig. And now this disgusting man was telling him sweet things he had been craving to hear for a couple of weeks now.

”Yes, very. And so sexy.” The man petted his hair gently. “Fuck, your ass is so sexy too. It’s twitching so much, that drug I gave you really hit you good.”

“Ugh—!” Tweek gasped, not knowing what was happening. “What are you talking about…?”

“You said that you’re a virgin, but it’s like your insides are sucking my fingers in. This is getting you excited isn’t it?” the man stated while teasing the hole with two fingers now, making Tweek squirm. “Do you play with your ass a lot, sweetie?” he asked, and Tweek blushed deep red, refusing to answer. He felt a slap on his ass and cried out from pain. “Hey, answer me, bitch!”

“Ngh, sometimes…!” he finally replied, feeling extremely embarrassed.

I am a bitch.

“How do you do it?”

“I… Finger myself… And think about Craig…,” he confessed with his eyes closed. It was starting to feel even better, and he felt like he needed something more inside him.

“Do you want to know what a real dick feels like, baby?” the man whispered right in his ear, which made Tweek shake from pleasure. The fingers left his body and he felt something bigger grinding against him. He whimpered in need when he was mounted and the man murmured, ”I really want to put it in you, Tweek. Can I do it?”

”Y-yes... Yes, you can put it in, sir...,” he replied quietly. He had never been this horny, and all he could think about anymore was getting fucked.

I’m sorry Craig, but I’m no longer…

”Hey, say it to the camera,” the man said. Tweek looked behind and saw the phone in his hand. ”What do you want, Tweek?”

”I... I want it inside me,” he pleaded submissively.

”What? What is it?” the man demanded, still not giving Tweek what he wanted and needed.

”Your... Thing,” Tweek tried to explain, he didn’t want to say it.

”You mean my cock?” the man asked, and Tweek blushed at the word. He wasn’t a prude, but saying that word in this kind of situation was new to him. He closed his eyes again and nodded. ”I want you to say it. Say you want my cock, Tweek.”

”P-please put your... c-cock in me, sir,” Tweek finally whimpered. Somehow saying it made him feel excited. He leaned closer towards the table, lifted his ass up and presented himself to the man. He was ready to be taken, to be claimed by someone else than Craig. “Please fuck me with your cock.”

“Good boy. Hearing such dirty words coming from such a cutie’s mouth is such a turn on,” the man said, patting Tweek on the head. Tweek noticed him putting a condom on and prepared himself, his entire body twitching from excitement.

When the penis entered inside him, he was surprised when it didn’t hurt as much as he thought it would. Maybe it was because of the thing that put inside him before, or because he wasn’t thinking clearly, but it felt like the dick went in very easily. He was moaning and wailing when it went deeper inside, deeper than his fingers had ever reached.

“Fuck, you’re so tight!” the man yelled in pleasure when he was all the way in. He stayed still for a while, letting Tweek to get used to his pulsating cock. Tweek was no longer a virgin. “You feel that, baby? I’ve taken your first time…”

“Ngyuh… Craig…,” Tweek moaned, trying to get lost in his own fantasy. “I feel so full…”

“Feels good, right babe?” the man asked, and Tweek felt a sting of shame. It was the pet name Craig had given him, to everyone else he was a spaz or just Tweek, but to Craig he was more.

“Please don’t call me that, anything but that,” he begged desperately.

“Do you love your boyfriend a lot?” he asked, and Tweek nodded, whispering a silent “yes”. “But aren’t you fucking another man right now? You even begged to be ravished by my cock.”

“No, no, that’s not it,” Tweek replied in shame, refusing to look at Craig. Suddenly the man let go of his hips and slowly started pulling out.

“It’s not? Then I guess you want to stop?” he asked curiously, which made Tweek’s stomach twist. Did he…? Of course he wanted to stop, but the dick inside him was stimulating all the right places. “You can pull it out, you know. But I fucking love your tight ass squeezing my cock, so you have to do it yourself,” the man suggested, which surprised Tweek. He thought he was going to be taken by force, he was already prepared for it, but now he could make this stop? He could pull it out, he just had to move a little bit—

No. He couldn’t move. If he moved now, then he would no longer have anything inside him, and to his horror he craved for this dick. He was given the freedom to choose, there was no way he was going to choose this, right?! But as he was gathering all his willpower to get away from his rapist, instead he was trying his best to keep the cock inside him. He gritted his teeth in defeat, not seeing the man behind him smirking.

“That’s what I thought,” he said with a smug voice and went deeper again. “You’re fucking dumbass for thinking that I wouldn’t have raped you anyway.”

“You—!!” Tweek shot an enraged look at him, but his willpower to fight back was gone as soon as the man started thrusting in and out of him. He felt good, way better than he should have, and he closed his eyes so he could at least pretend that it wasn’t some gross creeper who was making him feel this way.

“Do you wish you were doing this with him?” the man asked and grabbed his chin, forcing him to look at his box wearing boyfriend.

“Y-yes, nh…,” he replied weakly.

“Be a good boy and confess your feelings, then,” the man commanded and started caressing Tweek’s erection. He couldn’t stop his wails of pleasure, he was absolutely at this man’s mercy and he had lost his ability to think coherently.

”I-I love Craig! I want to have sex with Craig!” he shouted his confession, which was unheard by its target.

”You heard that, Craig? Isn't it nice to be loved by such a sweet boy?” the man asked and placed the phone on the table so it could take a good video of their fucking. Then, the pace of his thrust got fast and he murmured in Tweek’s ear, ”I'll fuck you so good you will be craving for dick again. I'm making you into a slut, Tweek.”

”Mhn...! Aah!” Tweek was gasping with lust that was growing stronger and stronger because of the degrading words. ”Sir, I feel so weird!”

”It's not weird. It's who you are. You are a perverted slut who's not satisfied with just holding hands,” the man explained and grabbed Tweek’s hips tighter. ”Since your boyfriend can't satisfy your needs, I'll do it for him,” he said as his cock hit something inside Tweek, and that’s when Tweek felt even more intense pleasure.

”S-something inside me is…!” he panted, wanting to feel it again. The man slowed down a bit, which made Tweek moan in disappointment. God, this was amazing, sex was so amazing!

”Hmm? Oh, this?” the man asked and hit his prostate again, making him scream. Then he pulled out and turned Tweek around on his back. Tweek’s mind was telling him no, don’t do that, but he instantly spread his legs for the penis that was about to enter him again. It slid easily inside him, and he saw stars when it was hitting his prostate even harder. ”How about this angle? You feeling it, cutie?”

”Sir...!” he wailed and wrapped his legs around the man’s body to prevent him from pulling out.

”Hey, Tweek. Tell to the camera how it feels to get fucked for the first time,” the man ordered as he took his phone in his hands again and placed it in front of Tweek’s face.

”It feels so good?! I feel so a-amazing! Hyah?!” He couldn't stop himself from saying these things, his chin was covered in his drool but he was too ecstatic to care. ”Sir, I want more!”

”You should see your face, you cumrag,” the man said with a mocking voice. ”Fucking bitch in a heat, it's your first time and you're like this? Naughty Tweek.”

”It's because- becaushe you gave something weird to meeeh...!”

”Don't lie. You're like this because you're a freak who loves cock,” the man snorted and asked, ”it's okay that I upload this video on the internet, right? Craig won’t see you like this otherwise.”

”Mnh! Wha— Aahn...!!” Tweek didn’t really understand what was going on anymore, and he wasn’t sure what was asked. All he could think about was getting pounded by this dick.

”Looks like you're not even listening anymore,” the man snarled. ”From now on we'll be sex friends, got it? I have some friends who might be interested in becoming friends with you as well.”

”Sex...? Yeeesh...!” Tweek wasn’t sure what he was even asked, he was too focused on stroking his dick now. He felt something building up, and when he quickened the pace he cried out, ”I'm— I'm going to cum!”

”Not yet. You will cum on your boyfriend, I want you to watch him as you pound yourself on my cock,” the man said, preventing Tweek from pleasuring himself. He stopped fucking the boy and placed a chair in front of Craig, who still wasn’t aware of his surroundings. When he sat down on the chair and patted his lap, Tweek’s eyes widened in horror. “If you still want my dick, you’re going to do it my way,” the man said, like he knew what was going on in Tweek’s mind. Tweek stared at the man’s rock-hard erection, swallowing hard as the sight made his balls and anus throb. He was shaking and crying when he succumbed to his lust and placed himself on the man’s lap, sighing in content when he felt being filled with cock again. The man wrapped his arms around his torso, like he was claiming him.

“Craig… Craig, I’m sh-sorry…,” Tweek was crying his apology while moving his hips to get stimulation as much as possible. He wasn’t sure if the man was even moving anymore or if he was just making Tweek do this by himself.

”Imagine if he took off that box right now. I'd love to see the look on his face, seeing his pure boyfriend fucked silly by another guy.” Tweek was forced to watch his occupied boyfriend while panting and moaning like an animal in heat. “It’s his fault, he has a boyfriend with such a sexy piece of ass but he’s not balls deep in it.”

Every thrust felt good, and Tweek was making silent prayers that Craig wouldn’t see him in this state. Every thrust felt even better and better, and when he felt his climax approaching again, it was denied from him when the man slowed down his pace and firmly grabbed Tweek’s shaft.

”You're not allowed to cum before you beg for it, baby,” he murmured against Tweek’s neck.

”I need to cum!” Tweek pleaded in desperation, trying to move his hips so the friction against his penis would increase. He wanted to cum so badly, it was all he could think of right now.

”Do you, now?”

”Puh- pleashe! Please let me cum shir!” Tweek begged with exhausted cries that were cut off when the man roughly kissed him.

“Will you let me fuck you another time if I’ll let you cum?” the man asked when their mouths separated, receiving an eager nod.

“Yes! Yes, anything, you can fuck me anytime, so pl… pleaaashe…!”

“Fucking slut, you squeal like a pig,“ the man said in mocking tone when Tweek kept repeating please, cum, good in incoherent order. The man started stroking Tweek’s erection fast and pounded his cock as deep as he could. “Okay, let’s give you what you want, shall we?”

“Thank you, thankyoushir...!!” Tweek screamed in delight and threw his head back. It was coming, he was finally getting it, he was in complete ecstasy. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ngh, I’m—!”

The sounds of his pleasure filled the coffeehouse when he came, his semen was pouring on his tummy and the man’s hand. He came so hard that some of the cum had landed on Craig.

“Aww, you came on your boyfriend, so sweet,” the man taunted, but he was ignored by the boy basking in his post-orgasmic bliss. But he wasn’t content yet, his hard dick was still inside Tweek and he needed a release. “Now it’s my turn to feel good…,” he muttered and continued thrusting into the boy on his lap. Tweek shrieked in surprise and tried to get off, but he was being held firmly in place.

“No—Stop…!! It’s too much!” Tweek cried and laughed at the same time as he was going crazy from the overstimulation. He couldn’t believe it, he just came but it felt like he was still cumming as the man’s dick was hitting his prostate. “My dick is… Hwaah?! I’m going to die…!!”

“Did you cum from your ass? That’s what bitches are meant to do,” the man said with an evil grin, accepting Tweek’s mouth when the blond leaned for a kiss. “Fuck, your virgin ass feels so amazing! I could fuck this ass for hours! I want to cum inside you!” he groaned and kissed Tweek again. “I’ll fuck you bareback next time, so your boyfriend better hurry and claim you without a rubber. If he doesn’t want you anymore then I’ll marry you, okay? We could fuck every single day,” he muttered the degrading words into Tweek’s ear. Tweek was squeezing his eyes shut and shaking head head. Finally, he lifted Tweek up and pulled out, forcing the boy on his knees in front of him. He grabbed Tweek’s cheeks, squeezed and hissed, “next time I’m going to pump you so fucking full of my jizz that it will pour out of your fucking mouth!”

“Augh…!” Tweek let out an ecstatic sound and almost collapsed on the ground, but the man’s legs were keeping him in place.

“Look up, I’ll shoot my load on your cute face,” he said, holding his cock with his other hand and the phone camera with other. Tweek couldn’t look away from the penis. “Here it comes! Fuck, Tweek!”

Before Tweek could properly comprehend what was happening, he felt cum splattering on his face and hair. His brain was buzzing.

“What an erotic sight,” the man said and took a good look at Tweek’s messy, sweaty face. “Smile to the camera and tell how grateful you are for the cock that just made you cum.”

“Haah…? Thank you for your cock, sir…,” Tweek mumbled, feeling himself passing out.

“Thanks for your services, I’ll definitely write a good review on Yelp,” was the last thing he heard the man saying. He didn’t know he was dragged to the basement before the man vanished.

Craig Tucker received a notification. A direct message from an anonymous sender.

“What’s this?” he asked when he opened the message, which contained a video file.

Unknown number

Hello, Craig! Here’s a nice video of your sweetheart. I hope you’ll enjoy it!