Manic Pixie Dream Boy

Fandom: South Park

Pairing: Craig Tucker/Tweek Tweak, one-sided Craig Tucker/Tolkien Black

Rating: R-18

Genre: Gay, AU, romance, drama

Warnings: N/A

Chapters: 7/7

Summary: 18-year-old Craig Tucker is gay and virgin. To move on from his unrequited crush on his straight friend, he tries to find someone to lose his virginity with. What will happen once he matches with a very unique boy named Tweek on a dating app?

This is a Creek story I wrote back in spring 2019 and Tolkien was still named Token (he was... right?!). It's the first fic I published after years of not writing any fiction. I wanted to write a sweet but also erotic coming-of-age romance. I chose sexting as a theme and Craig's perspective. I originally used just basic italics for the text messages, but now I've used this skin by CodenameCarrot and La_Temperanza to make them more "authentic".

Chapter 1/7

Craig Tucker, 18 years old, was annoyed. It’s what he felt most of the time, if he felt anything: annoyance, frustration, anger. Most of the time he was chill, but not now. He had just come home from his friend Jimmy’s place, from something he thought was supposed to be a guys’ night. What waited him was actually his crush of a long time, Token Black, and his new girlfriend. He had managed to keep a cool façade the entire time, but he felt hurt and rejection.

He had discovered he was gay when he was in middle school. He had never really paid attention to girls, but after carefully “experimenting” with gay porn he realized. He started developing feeling towards Token shortly before high school, and ever since then he had been floating in his pathetic unrequited feelings. Sometimes he wished he could not feel anything at all, and that’s why he was happy when he felt anything but desperation.

He knew he was being selfish. His friends accepted his sexuality and wanted him to find someone, he shouldn’t have been such a dick. He had a crush on a straight guy, and this whole crush things made his life unnecessarily more difficult than it should have been. He wanted to move on, but it was hard to find any gay guys of his age in such a small town. He had installed a dating app on his phone, but either he was extremely unlucky, or it just didn’t have much to offer for him. Most of the guys there lived way too far away, were too old and perverted, posted only pics of their dicks or just used fake profiles. Clyde and Jimmy said he had too high standards. Fuck them, they both had girlfriends too.

Craig was still a virgin, and he desperately wanted to get rid of it. He just had some standards, though he was considering lowering the bar more and more. He still wasn’t desperate enough to fuck Mr. Garrison, though. Just some cute guy who was willing to have sex with him, and that’s it. As he was mostly swapping guys left, his eyes caught one particular profile.

coffeemonster (18)


That was his bio. Hello? Craig had never seen this guy before, even though he was his age and lived quite close to him. Someone who had just moved in? Or maybe he was just visiting? Craig could be fine with that, no strings attached or anything. The boy had naturally blond hair that was sticking in every direction possible. His blue eyes were very captivating, and his skin was pale. He could have been very cute, but he looked sleep deprived. This could have been some alternative Instagram model that had his photo stolen by a catfish, so Craig didn’t get too excited. But he wouldn’t lose anything from trying, right? He swapped right and thought that’s enough for today. He looked for clean clothes and headed to shower.

When he came back, his phone had a notification for him.

Congratulations! You matched with Coffeemonster!

The guy was online.




I'm tweek


So is that you


The guy in the photo


Are you saying it could be someone else?!

Do people do taht here???

Are you really you??


Can you take a photo with a time stamp

Are you blackmailing me????

Dude just making sure

I've met too many pervs here

That wasn’t very good start for a conversation. Craig didn’t know whether he found this guy crazy, or if he himself seemed too suspicious and crazy. He just didn’t want to face any disappointments anymore, so he wrote the current date and time on a piece of paper and took a selfie.


Look here's mine, do it like this


You're so hot

Ppl like you shoudln't be here!




Here you go


Craig opened the image. It was the same guy, with messy blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes that had dark circles under them. This guy may not have been conventionally attractive, but he wasn’t ugly either. He was holding a note with current date and time written on it, and the whole image looked unfiltered.


You still there,,,,,,,,?????

You think i'm ugly

It's okay it's the truth

Okay, some red flags there. Craig wasn't sure if it was a good idea to get involved with someone like this. What if he was underage? That’s something Craig didn’t want to get involved with.


No you're not

It was just 10 minutes

You're cute

Are you really 18?

Yes but I’m not showing my ID!!!!!!

You’ll steal my identity or some shit

Craig didn’t want to get too suspicious. It’s not like Tweek looked like a little kid. So, this is it, Craig finally managed to find a guy his age who even sent a photo of his face instead his dick. His typing style may be slightly frustrating, and he seemed a bit too much of a hassle, but Craig knew he couldn't get too picky now. Tweek wasn't the kind of guy he wanted to go out with, but Craig was a horny 18-year-old. At least the guy was enough to distract Craig's thought from his desperate and stupid crush on Token. Just meet him, fuck him and then move on.



Me too

Wanna meet?

I want to have sex

Yeah me too

So when

I can't have sex with you

Why the fuck not

You matched with me

You're too hot for me

You're not a virgin

Why should I be

Are you some kind of perv

And yes I am a virgin


Not that many options in this town

Look do you want to fuck or not?

Yes or no


I want to lose my virginity

With a guy

Craig felt something he might be able to call amusement. They were chatting on a dating for app for gay men. It should be obvious.


You're fine with another virgin?

It must be a virgin

Because i'll mess up

You're not so good at flirting you know

So just sex right

When can you meet


My parents are out

Just in case let's meet at Stark's Pond

I don't want to get robbed or killed

5pm okay with you?


I'm not anyone suspicious!!!!

You sound suspicious as hell dude

So what do you prefer

Top or bottom?

I'm fine with whatever


I haven't thought about it


No need to feel pressured

Just asking

We'll see then

It was a chilly day when Craig found himself waiting for his fuck-buddy-to-be at Stark’s Pond. He felt nervous and excited, even though it probably didn’t show on his face.

”S-sorry I’m late,” the blond greeted him shyly. He didn’t sound like Craig had imagined, but his voice was quite sweet. ”I'm Tweek.”

”I figured,” Crag replied, and added, ”Craig.”

”S-see? I'm not suspicious at all,” Tweek said nervously, and it’s not like Craig couldn’t tell that. Tweek definitely wasn’t someone who could physically hurt him, unless he was carrying a gun. He did have quite a strange aura around him though, and he was twitching every now and then. Despite his attractive features, his nervous and weird behavior made it easy to believe he was still a virgin. Not that Craig had any right to say anything about that matter. Craig didn’t say anything, so Tweek smiled and asked, “So, should we go?”

They walked in silence, as Craig really didn’t have any interest to have an actual discussion while Tweek seemed to be focusing on staying as calm as possible. It turned out that Tweek didn’t live very far from his place, which was weird since Craig had never met him before. Maybe he was homeschooled?

“Your parents aren’t going to suddenly burst in, right?” Craig asked to make sure. He didn’t want his first time to fail for all the wrong reasons.

“No, they often work late. My dad owns a coffeehouse,” Tweek said, and as if he suddenly remembered something extremely vital, he asked, “Oh Jesus! I need to make coffee for us! You want some right?”

“Uh, no thanks. Don’t like coffee,” Craig replied. At least now it makes sense where the smell of coffee comes from.

“I love coffee!” Tweek said, and Craig could tell that – the guy had his own coffee maker in his room, and he started preparing a drink for himself. They came here to fuck, so why was he suddenly making coffee? He was already getting a bit nervous himself and he didn’t want this to take longer than necessary.

”Okay, so should we start?” he asked, taking off his sweater.

”Start what?” Tweek asked, looking confused.

”... Sex?” Craig replied with just as confused voice, and Tweek’s eyes widened.

”WHAT?!” the blond shrieked, as if Craig was suggesting this out of nowhere.

”You wanted to do this, right? So let's just fuck already.”

”W-wait! I'm not mentally prepared!” Tweek sounded like he was starting panic, and Craig didn’t know how to move forward from this point. He wasn’t some kind of player, he had never had sex in the first place! Was Tweek just playing some kind of game that was part of his idea of foreplay, or was he actually fucking serious now?

You invited me here to fuck, and now you're saying you're not prepared?” Craig rarely lost his cool, but he was getting kind of annoyed. He was starting to regret that he ever thought searching for a fuck buddy over a dating app would be a good idea. This situation had already got way too far from his comfort zone, and he was starting to feel akward.

”Sh-shouldn't we, like... Go on a date or something first?” Tweek asked.


”I-I mean! This is both of our first time and all, we should get known to each other a little first, right?” Tweek asked as if it should have been obvious. Well it wasn’t obvious to Craig, he wanted to interact as little as possible with this guy and date was absolutely out of question at this point. This spaz made him feel emotions he wasn’t ready to feel when he agreed to meet him, and it was very uncomfortable.

”Sorry dude, I have no interest in doing that with you,” he said bluntly, maybe sounding a bit too harsh. But there was no point in leading Tweek on when he simply wasn’t Craig’s type at all.


”Look, if you want to do this with someone else, I'll just leave. No hard feelings,” Craig sighed and put his sweater back on. Even if Tweek suddenly wanted to have sex with him after all, he wasn’t in the mood anymore. He was prepared for his first time to be awkward, but not like this.

”No! Please don't leave!” Tweek pleaded desperately and grabbed Craig’s arm. ”I want to do it with you, I... I probably won't get another chance with a guy like you.”

The blond looked sad, but Craig could tell he wasn’t playing any games.

”Is... Is it because I'm ugly?” Tweek asked, and Craig sighed. He pretended not to see the wetness in Tweek’s eyes. He didn’t know how to deal with crying people, and one of his best friends was a major crybaby.

”You are attractive, dude. I wouldn't have agreed to do this if I didn't think so,” he said, and it was the truth. Would it make Tweek feel better if he told him that he was very cute, but just a little bit too crazy for his taste? ”You're just not my type to do that kind of shit.”

”May I ask, what is your type then?” Tweek sounded curious and let go of Craig’s arm. An image of Token flashed in Craig’s mind and suddenly he felt even more pissed off.

”None of your business.”

”O-okay... Sorry,” Tweek said with a sad voice and Craig immediately felt a tiny sting in his heart. He didn’t mean to be insensitive, but it just came out naturally. But Tweek was clearly trying his best to be nice towards him, so he really didn’t have a reason to be a dick.

”Okay. One date. You pick the place,” he said, sighing. Tweek face lit up and he smiled genuinely. Craig Tucker was defeated. He should have congratulated Tweek, people rarely got under his skin like this.

”I'll think about it!” Tweek said and poured another cup of coffee for himself. Craig never noticed him finishing the first one.

”It's fine, just pick a place so we can get over with it.”

”No! I must pick it carefully!” Tweek said, and continued, ”But first I need to learn what kind of guy you are.”

Craig wasn't following this guy at all. He wanted to go on a date to know him better, but before that he needed to get known to him so he could plan a date?

“Terribly uninteresting kind,” he replied, and it wasn’t a lie. He wasn’t particularly interesting person: “average” was the first word that came to his mind. Tweek had commented his looks earlier, but he didn’t find himself so attractive either. To be honest, he wasn’t sure why Tweek was so stubborn over going on a date with him. Maybe he was desperate as well.

He was saved from the awkward date interview when they heard someone entering the house downstairs.

“Tweek? You home?” a man’s voice called.

“Y-yes, dad!” Tweek replied, and turned to Craig, “it’s my dad.”

“You said your parents wouldn’t be coming home soon!” Craig whispered. “What if he caught us fucking?!”

“Ack! Don’t say that!” Tweek said, and added, “It’s not like I was planning to do that with you now anyway!” Craig grunted and rolled his eyes. The door of Tweek’s rooms opened and a man maybe in his late 40s stepped in.

“Oh, you had a friend over?” he asked with a calm voice, sounding surprised. Maybe Tweek didn’t have people over in general. He seemed very serene, like a complete opposite of his son. “I’m Richard, Tweek’s dad. We own the coffeehouse, have you ever tasted our coffee?”

“C-Craig Tucker,” Craig introduced himself. Why was he still doing this? Why hadn’t he bailed yet? “I don’t really like coffee, sir.”

“Oh, you will once you taste our blend. You see, we at the Tweek Bros-“

“Dad!” Tweek interrupted his father, “Please don’t start.”

“Right. Sorry, son,” Richard apologized, and turned to Craig, “will you stay for the dinner, Craig?”

“No thank you sir, I was just about to leave,” Craig said, feeling relieved he had an excuse to run away.

“I-I’ll see you out,” Tweek said and followed him downstairs. He was quiet, but grabbed Craig’s arm once more before Craig left the house.

“Um… Let’s text again, alright?” the blond asked, looking shy and wary. Craig had his chance to tell him that this wasn’t working out and they probably should forget about the whole date thing. But for some reason he wasn’t able to do that. Whatever, it’s not like he had much to lose at this point.

“Sure, Tweek,” he said with a monotonous voice. “Text me about your date plan, okay?”

“I will!” Tweek said and stared at Craig with intense eyes. Craig felt like he wasn’t able to move.

“What?” he asked, and Tweek blushed slightly.

“N-nothing. See you later,” the blond said and gave Craig a shy smile. As the door closed behind Craig, he took a deep breath. He really didn’t want to interact with anyone today, he felt almost exhausted.

As the days went by, he got occasional texts from Tweek. It was very mundane stuff, like asking how his day was or what he had for dinner. Craig discovered that sending photos of his pet guinea pig Stripe was a good way to both keep Tweek satisfied while not having to answer too many questions. Craig never started these texting sessions, though sometimes he thought about asking Tweek to take naughty photos of himself to boost his very self-esteem. That would probably freak him out, though.

Next weekend, when he got yet another text from Tweek.




Just testing have you blocked me yet

Okay, at least Tweek was very self-aware. Or he saw Craig as some kind of douchebag.


Don't worry

I'll just tell you to fuck off if necessary

I don't ghost people


It means cutting all the contact suddenly

Disappearing like a ghost

You get it?

Oh i get it

That's what people do to me

You still haven't

Craig had been ghosted before, by people that probably didn’t even exist in real life. He knew it was something that just happened in these apps, but it made him feel almost sorry for Tweek. It seemed like he was used to rejection, as Craig remembered how Tweek considered himself ugly. Tweek wasn’t a bad guy, he was just quite a lot to handle. Some horny fuckboys probably weren’t going to waste their time on a guy like that. Craig was horny, but he wasn't a fuckboy.


I won't

It's rude af



I’m bored


You’re telling me this because…

Do you wanna come over

Is this the date?



Then what it is

Let’s just watch a movie or something


You mean like Netflix and chill?

Yeah I have Netflix!!!!

You can stay the night

Parents working late again

Craig didn’t know if Tweek was just acting like this to appear pure and innocent. Was this supposed to be well planned, casual seduction, or was Tweek was just naturally like that? He heard some girls did that, but why would Tweek do it when Craig had made very clear that he wanted to fuck?



I’m just taking a shower

You can take Stripe too!

So she won’t be lonely

Craig smiled slightly. He didn’t want to admit it, but Tweek’s appreciation towards Stripe made him feel giddy.


She is happy at home

Sorry it’s going to be just me

Aww i want to see her one day

You can meet her later if you want to

Shower now, see you soon


As Craig was looking for a clean shirt, he realized he had just invited Tweek over his place one day. Something was starting, and Craig wasn’t sure whether it was that bad thing at all anymore.