The Night of Living Seamen

Fandom: South Park

Pairing: Brine shrimp/Tweek Tweak

Rating: R-18

Genre: Monster, smut

Warnings: Rape, beastiality (bugs & insects), impregnation, mpreg, oviposition, egg laying

Chapters: 1/1

Summary: Tweek gets microsized by the gnomes, and one of the sea people rapes and impregnates him.

This is a werid erotic story based on The Simpsons Already Did It. I have no other comments about it... To be honest, I didn't try very hard with this one. The biology of these animals is probably all wrong...

Tweek had always had problems with his worst enemy, the gnomes. Whether they disturbed his sleep or stole all his underpants, they were a common menace in his life. But this was something that hasn’t happened before, and he didn’t even know they were capable of doing something like this.

He had been turned into a tiny person, and the reason for this was that he had tried stopping the gnomes from stealing his underpants again. Right now, he was a size of a bug. At least his clothes had been microsized as well.

”What did you do?!” he asked the gnomes in horror. His room looked so big from this point of view.

”Serves you right! You will no longer stop us from doing our business, kid!” one of the gnomes said.
”Turn me back, you assholes!”

”Only the warlock gnome can do that,” other gnome said and approached him. ”But you’re never going to meet him, because you’re our next sacrifice!”

That was the last memory he had before he was knocked out.

He woke up in an unfamiliar environment. It looked like a nest, and he was on a soft bedding made out of leaves. Everything was floating and silent.


When he realized what it was, he went into a panic mode.

”Where am I?! Is this underwater?! OhgodI’mgoingtodi–” he cried and tried to hold his breath, but he couldn’t do it for long. He started hyperventilanting, until he realized he shouldn’t be able to do it here. Something patted his back, which calmed him down and he started taking deeper breaths. ”W-wait… I can breathe.”

He turned to look at his savior. It wasn’t an underwater gnome or a beautiful mermaid, but a horrendous monster straight out of a horror movie.

”What are you?! P-please don’t eat me,” he begged the monster. Was he going to be sacrificed to this thing?! When he took a better look at it, he realized it looked familiar. ”Wait… You’re one of the sea people!”

Sea ”people” wasn’t really the correct term for it, though. It looked more like an insect, and it had many legs, antennae and a long tail-like thing. Tweek couldn’t tell whether it was a male or female, as the possible sex organs were hidden. For now, it didn’t look like it was interested in him as a prey, though it was very curious about him. He wasn’t sure whether it understood him, but it didn’t talk.

”Am I inside the tank we made?” he asked, looking around him. The place reminded him of an ancient, lost kingdom, and he was amazed by the architecture the sea people had managed to create in such a short amount of time. It was definitely inside the tank, meaning the gnomes had taken him all the way to Eric Cartman’s place. He didn’t like the idea, but he could try to wake Cartman up to help him. ”Is this your nest?” he asked, wondering why he was talking to this thing. It didn’t look threatening at all, in fact it seemed like it was trying to protect and secure him when it brought more leaves for him to rest on. He smiled and tried to pet the creature, which it accepted.

”Thank you for saving me. But I need to leave now and find out how to turn back my normal size,” he said and tried to get up, but the creatured gently pushed him back on the bedding. It moved closer to him, opening its tiny mouth. Tweek saw a tubular proboscis reaching for his lips, and he instantly tried to push it away.

”Wh-what are you doing?” he asked in fear, but the proboscis entered into his mouth, starting to leak some kind of white fluid inside. He tried his best to fight back and not swallow it, but he felt like he was paralyzed. Trying not choke, he relaxed his throat and let the fluid go down it.

The fluid did taste delicious. It was a bit salty, and it gave him back some of the energy he had lost. He assumed it was not dangerous, so he kept accepting the offering. In fact, the nectar was even a bit addictive. He felt himself relaxing, and soon the proboscis was pulled out gently. The creature was still docile, it probably didn’t mean to harm him.

”Thank you. You just wanted to feed me, right?” He coughed when he was done feeding himself. The leaves under his body felt comfortable. The creature brushed its antennae against his cheek, making him chuckle. They kept touching his face and neck, and his body started feeling hot. Slowly the feeling got stronger, and his groin area was tingling. It wasn’t painful, but for some reason he felt embarrassed.

”Ngh, what’s happening to me…?” he asked in confusion and rubbed his thighs together. Maybe the fluid he had been fed had effect like this. The creature climbed on top of him, rubbing its body against his clothes. It aroused something in Tweek, and for a moment he opened his legs a bit so the creature could get a better access to his private parts. He didn’t know why he had done it, it was like a natural instinct.

”Ah, hey, this is a bit… You must have mistaken! I’m a human, you know!” he said in panic when he realized what they were doing. The creature thought he was its mate! He wasn’t being fed and protected by it for nothing, it was grooming!

His fears were confirmed when the creature started stripping him with its legs and proboscis. He saw its long, tentacle-like organ slowly growing out of its tail. Tweek was a virgin, but he knew a thing or two about biology. That organ was the creature’s penis, and it was getting erect. And to his horror, so was his own.

”N-no! Please, I don’t want this! This is wrong!” he cried out, but his body was giving in to it. His legs felt numb, and his asshole was twitching with excitement. He cringed when he felt something warm leaking out of his half-erect penis. ”Ngh, something is coming out!” he said, and the creature moved between his legs. Its proboscis extended between his legs, eagerly tasting the liquid. It wasn’t pee, it was more clear and sticky. The proboscis wrapped around his penis and started rubbing it.

”Stop touching it…,” Tweek begged, but it felt good. His parents had told him that only bad boys play with theirs, so he avoided doing it even when he really wanted to touch himself down there. It created a bubbly feeling around his stomach, like something was building up. ”Oh god, what is–!”

He felt better than ever, and for a moment he thought penis was going to fall off. Instead, white stuff started erupting out of it, and it reminded him of the stuff they were feeding to the sea people. The creature seemed to be delighted by it, and its penis-thing grew bigger. When its proboscis was done cleaning him up, it slid down his body, searching for his butt. Tweek was still exhausted from his orgasm, but his hole needed to be touched. He knew that this was wrong, but he was craving to be touched and filled there. The proboscis entered his hole, and he felt warm fluid being injected inside him. It was the same fluid that he had consumed earlier orally, but this way it made his insides ache with heat even more.

”What is, hn, that stuff…?” he asked, but the creature didn’t answer. When it was done, it bent its proboscis back and some of the white liquid leaked out of Tweek’s ass. Tweek couldn’t think very clearly anymore, and instead he could focus only his urges: he craved for more of that nectar, and he needed to mate with this creature. He looked at its now fully extended sex organ, which now looked like something between a tentacle and a penis. However, it had a tubular hole like an ovipositor. There was no backing out now, the creature was ready to mate.

”P-please but that thing inside… You want to, right?” Tweek said in lust, and the creature’s ovipositor started twitching. The head was oozing with fluids, and it searched for the entrance. Tweek presented himself for it, encouraging it to take him. The creature fully mounted him and started entering him. Tweek sighed in satisfaction when he was finally given what he craved for. It didn’t hurt, and the lubricant made it easy to slide in. ”Oh god… It’s going in!”

The creature started making sow thrusts, and Tweek’s eyes rolled back to his head. He was losing his virginity to a strange water bug! He should have been repulsed and afraid, but instead his insides were sucking the ovipositor in. It reached very deep, hitting a spot that made him moan from pleasure. He raised his arms to embrace the creature, and it wrapped its legs around his petite body like they were making love.

”D-does it feel good?” he asked the creature, getting no answer. The creature started fucking him with rapid movements, and the fluids were making wet squelching sounds inside Tweek’s ass. ”It, hn, it feels so good!” Tweek screamed, but he was soon silenced when the creature filled his mouth with its proboscis again. Tweek eagerly started drinking more of its nectar, feeling another orgasm building up. This time it was stronger, and the creature was preparing to climax as well. Tweek saw small bumps moving inside the ovipositor. They reminded him of marbles, and they were moving towards him.

The creature made a final strong thrust, keeping itself locked with Tweek’s body for a long time. He was hit by his second orgasm when the creature ejaculated inside him, filling him up with its fluids and eggs. Tweek had lost any rational thought he might have had at this point, and he couldn’t wait to fulfill his purpose of being bred.

”O-oh god –” he moaned in ecstacy, ”they’re going in…! You’re impregnating me with your eggs! I can’t stop cumming!”

He could see his belly expanding from the eggs, it was like the creature never stopped ejaculating. There must have been at least hundred of them, as they made Tweek look like he was 9 months pregnant. Finally, the ovipositor was pulled out, leaving a trail of fluids behind. It slowly disappeared inside the creature’s tail, and the creature started grooming its new mate.

”I’m going to be their mommy…,” Tweek said and rubbed his belly. He didn’t feel any fear at all. He couldn’t wait to see their babies, and after that the creature could breed him again with its offspring.

Later, after resting for a while, he could feel the eggs moving inside him. They were done being incubated, and they were ready to be laid.

”Th-they’re coming out! I’m going to lay my eggs!” The creature quickly swam beside him when it heard its mate screaming. It instantly knew what to do, and offered its proboscis to him. Drinking the nectar made him relax, and soon the eggs started pushing out of his hole, one by one. His prostate was stimulated endlessly by their movement, which turned him on again. ”Ahn, hngh… Amazing…!”

The water was filled with their beautiful, fertilized eggs. They were almost transparent, so Tweek could see the tiny babies inside. They didn’t look like him at all, but he couldn’t help but love all of them. He felt extremely strong urge to protect his offspring and tried to stay awake, but when the final healthy egg was pushed out, he was starting to pass out from exhaustion. He stroked the creature’s antennae and smiled when he saw it grooming their eggs.

”Thank you…”

”This kid is still alive?”

”Damn, he’s a tough one!”

”Better to turn him back, he might become dangerous if he stays there.”

What were this voices? Was he awake? Was he still underwater?

”When you go back normal, you will forget about everything and think all this was just a dream.”

He woke up in his bed when Eric Cartman called him, telling him to come over urgently. Apparently something had happened with the sea people. He felt unusually groggy and exhausted, even though he had actually slept for once. He still felt a bit worried about the sea people, so he hurried over to Cartman’s house as fast as he could.

”Behold! You all see my tiny minions groveling at my likeness! I am Eric Cartman, god,” Cartman said when he showed the new sea city inside the water tank. It was very impressive, and Tweek felt like he had seen somethin like that before. There was also a statue of Cartman, and he couldn’t help but think whether Cartman had put that there by himself. ”I'm gonna send a message to my people and tell 'em to develop a great machine that will shrink me down to their size, so I can live amongst them forever.”

Suddenly, Butters started laughing like a maniac.

”What the hell is wrong with you, Butters?” Cartman asked.

”They did that on the Simpsons! Ha! Treehouse of Horror! Episode 4F02! The Genesis tub. Lisa loses a tooth, and the bacteria on it starts to grow, and makes a little society, and they build a statue of her thinking she's God! Ha! Hahaha!” Butters explained, looking extremely proud of himself. Tweek didn’t understand why, but now he understood why he felt like he had seen this before. Of course, he had seen that episode of The Simpsons too.

”Hey! It's Tweek,” Kyle said, getting Tweek’s attention again. His friend was pointing at another statue, which was clearly him. He was creeped out by it, why was something like that there?! Did the sea people really build something like that, and why him?!

”Me?! Aw, man! I don't wanna be a god. That is waaay too much pressure,” he said, and Cartman didn’t seem pleased by the discovery either.

”That is bullcrap! You'd better stop worshiping him, sea people!”

Out of sudden, the sea people from both sides started bombing each other, ending up in a horrible tragedy of all of them being killed.

”Why can't societies just live in peace?” Cartman cried out when the water flooded his floor with the bodies of sea people. But for some reason, to Tweek the sight was even more devastating.

”No! My babies!” he shouted in agony, surprising everyone else. Wait…? His babies? He didn’t even realize he cared about the sea people that much.

”They’re not your babies, Tweek! They’re mine, I raised them with love!” Cartman protested.

”Shut up, fatass! We all took care of your stupid pets!” Kyle retorted, and the two boys started their usual bickering. It became mere background noise to Tweek, as he got lost in own thoughts. He didn’t understand why he felt so sad when he looked at the dead sea people on Cartman’s floor.

He felt like he was forgetting something important.