The Diary of a Tutornon

This is fiction only.

Fandom: South Park

Pairing: Mob/Tweek Tweak

Rating: R-18

Genre: Gay (shota), dark, POV

Warnings: Rape themes, shotacon/underage, grooming, voyeurism

Chapters: 1/1

Summary: Tweek gets a home tutor for a week. His Tutornon keeps a diary.

Based on The Vaccination Special. When Tweek's dad said that he got Tweek a home tutor, I instantly got obscene ideas.


I started working as a tutor today. Since I’ve been unemployed for a while, I thought it would be easy money. I had to join an online course for one day, and now I’m an official “Tutornon”. These people are insane, though… They genuinely believe in this QAnon conspiracy shit. Well, whatever. I’ll just pretend I’m insane too, it’s pretty easy.

I got my first client fast. Some parents actually pay for this shit? The father who hired me seems shady. The wife has huge boobs. It must be nice to be a normie with a big boobed wife. I’m tutoring their son, Tweek. He’s so cute! It will be hard to resist him, he’s exactly my type.


Tweek is a real angel! I might be falling for him for real. I found his Instagram account and made sure to save all his photos. I don’t like teaching things that make him scared and nervous, though. He seems like a kid who’s easy to manipulate. He likes getting compliments too. We read a book about some crazy Hollywood shit together, and all that time his thigh was touching mine. Lucky! I was able to smell him without him noticing as well.

I’m so glad I took this job!


My cute angel Tweek has a boyfriend. I wonder if he has done anything naughty with him yet? No, my Tweek is pure and innocent! He probably hasn’t seen porn either… I wonder how he would react if I showed some to him? He was texting his boyfriend during my class and that made me a little bit jealous, so I confiscated his phone for a day. The real reason was to go through his texts and photos to check if there was anything perverted, though. I couldn’t unlock his phone, so my plan failed.

Today’s studying topic grooming and pedophilia. I told him he can trust me. At some point I’ll show him in practice what that means, but it’s still too early for that.


Today I got tired of teaching Tweek insane conspiracy theories, so I showed him porn. I told him it’s for educational purposes so he knows when the so called Hollywood predators are trying to groom him online. It wasn’t anything hardcore. He said it’s disgusting and told me to stop, but I could tell his breathing was getting heavier and he was rubbing his thighs together. Usually a boy his age would make a joke about that stuff to act tough, but he was clearly confused and aroused. Tweek is surprisingly slutty!


I saw Tweek touching himself in his room today. He was trying his best to be quiet, but I caught his cute little moans as I secretly watched him doing it. He was looking at something from his phone, which I think was porn. What a naughty child! Even though he told me it’s disgusting, he couldn’t stop thinking about it and searched for those videos by himself! I really had to fight myself back from jumping on him, but it was too risky and I wanted to see him go all the way. I even filmed it to save this blessing from the heavens for later. His body was shaking in such a cute way when he reached his climax. I wonder if that was his first orgasm? When he was finished, I went to his room and wanted to tease him a little. I asked him what he was doing since he was so red and sweaty, and he got embarrassed. Aah, how cute! He said he was just hot. That was a lie, though.

When I got home, I nutted to the video I had filmed.


Tweek is very clumsy. Today he spilled coffee on my pants, though I’m glad he didn’t hurt himself. He started panicking and I told him to clean up my crotch with paper towels. Of course, it was just an excuse to make him touch my dick. It was almost like getting a handjob from him! That made me hard, so I had to go take care of it in the bathroom.

I noticed a basket full of dirty laundry in the bathroom. I found the big boobed mother’s bras too, even though she’s often braless in the house. Sometimes I wonder if she was trying to seduce me. Of course I’m flattered, but right now my heart belongs only to Tweek. Though her bra size is somewhat impressive… 38G! She’s not fat either. I wouldn’t mind making both her and Tweek my brides. I would breed them both at the same time.

I lost my control when I found Tweek’s used underwear in the basket too. Usually boys his age would still be wearing white briefs, but Tweek owned mostly black boxers. That’s surprisingly bold. Could it be that he had interest in becoming adult? I would gladly make take responsibility.

I pulled his dirty underwear over my head and wrapped other one around my hard dick. I could smell a little bit of pee in them, and they had some cum too. I wonder if he had a naughty dream? I couldn’t help but use his underwear to jack myself off. I imagined myself jizzing inside Tweek’s virgin body when I came, and our fluids mixed together.

For now, I’ll start taking his underwear as tips.


Turned out that the former President of the United States is also Tweek’s former homeroom teacher, and he now wants his job back. Other Tutornons have been disappearing mysteriously, and I don’t want to find out what happened to them. It breaks my heart that I can no longer spend time with my Tweek anymore, though. I made sure to hug him tight after our final class. He tried to push me away, he’s still so shy with me! That’s very cute of him.

I still want to stay close to Tweek, but he made his account private on Instagram. I made a fake profile of a kid his age to become friends with him. I think I’ve became obsessed with Tweek. Even though it was only for a week, his family paid me quite well for this gig. I can now stay unemployed for a while again, so I’ll focus on planning how to have Tweek for myself. I might have to do something criminal, but it will be worth it.

Our story is just beginning!